After eons of working in the food and beverage industry I got fired and hopefully for the last time in that field.  I spent two years looking for work that would amount to a career not just a job and wound up in event planning, or event management as it turned out which was closely related to food and beverage…again.  While I loved my job and the responsibilities that came with it, the hours were gruelling and not very conducive to my personal well being, not to mention the well being of my new relationship, which would turn into my marriage.  So after a year of working in this position an opportunity arose that I felt compelled to accept, managing my mother-in-laws retail boutique in the bucolic town of Lenox, Massachusetts.  As a means of saving the company some bucks here and there and as a way of broadening my scope I took over all of the advertising and marketing for the company, I have found that I love creating ads and developing the website for the store.  Occasionally I am asked to do other work for friends and am more than happy to oblige.  This site is here to show off what I have done and hopefully to promote this side of my creative life that I find so fulfilling.

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